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“The Path To Bliss, Love, Serenity, Wholeness...”
“The Path To Bliss, Love, Serenity, Wholeness...”

Meditation and mindfulness course in Vanves Paris

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Until Recently Daniel Was Giving Courses , Sessions, Leading Workshops With Groups in some Countries Over Europe About Méditation , Breathing Exercises, Tchi-Kong (Energy Circulation) …… Videos , Photos …….
Since Pandemic Meetings On-Line Are Also Available.

Formerly A Serendipity Favoured The Meeting With A Chinese Master In Paris Around 35 Years Ago … His Teaching Is Directly Related With The Comprehending Of Energy Flow(Tchi-Kong), Chinese Philosophy (Taoism). 

In The Same Time India Was An Adventure And Miraculous Discovery Which Permitted The Assiduity To Vipassana Training Widespread In All Over India As Deep Meditation. This Happened In An Ashram Through Numerous Trips Of Many Months Each Year. 

Daniel Trusts In A Natural Approach Through Passive, Let Go Witnessing And Observing Whatever Arises In The Field Of Consciousness.

Trying Not To Interfere With Mind Like Interpretation, Judgment, Calculation…. Just Trying To Be Silent, Watching ……. With The Help Of Life Energy Which Is The Breath Movement.

Daniel Claude Habian — Founder & CEO.

Rejuvenation Of Consciousness Each Moment

No Past, No Future, Just Being In The Present Moment, Aware, Innocent, Creative Pure Reality....

What Is Meditation ?

Meditation Is An Ancient Practice For Achieving Mental Clarity And Inner Peace Through Focused Attention And Distraction Reduction.

There Are Numerous Meditation Techniques, Like Mindfulness And Loving-kindness Meditation, That Aim To Calm The Mind, Reduce Stress, And Increase Self-Awareness.

Meditation Offers Diverse Advantages, From Reduced Stress And Improved Concentration To Enhanced Emotional Well-being And Even Physical Health Benefits Like Lowered Blood Pressure. Regular Practice Leads To Greater Well-being And Self-Awareness.


Information About Workshop Meditation And It’s Practice

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With Regular Practice, Meditation May Create Profoundly Peaceful Moments And Bring Energised States That Can Lead To Navigating Life With More Ease.


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